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e-RAMO For Digital Solutions launches "LANA CRM" Software to organize properties and the tasks of real estate development and marketing companies


e-RAMO For Digital Solutions launches "LANA CRM" Software to organize properties and the tasks of real estate development and marketing companies

AlAqarat AlYoum

e-RAMO For Digital Solutions launched its new product, "LANA CRM" , which aims to manage clients relationships and organize properties that are being marketed by real estate development and marketing companies.

Eng. Mohamed Ragab Abdel Mohsen, e-RAMO For Digital Solutions Chairman, said that the urban expansion that Egypt is currently witnessing has led to the growth of the real estate market and the diversity of real estate products offered to clients, which prompted his company to search for a mechanism to regulate the available units presented for clients with smart and easy tools for any realestate company

He added that upon the direct meetings held by the company with many real estate marketing companies, found number of challenges facing their work, in this huge market were reached, found that the main difficulty in regulating clients needs, then difficulty in organizing submitted properties for sale or rent, difficulty in reaching the targeted property when communicating with the client rapidly and effectively, in addition to the difficulty of organizing the tasks of each employee in the company

He explained that for officials of real estate development companies, the most important challenges they face are; dealing with competing systems where the price of the system is linked to the number of employees they have, and it pays money for each employee in addition to a monthly subscription that may exhaust the financial sector of some real estate companies

He added that the system offered by the company in "LANA CRM" software is based on the company's permanent ownership of the real estate system without a monthly subscription, and the availability of addition of an unlimited number of employees can be added to the company without additional expenses, also all the features are in linking it to the CRM system, which helps to ease the access to the right property the client needed

Besides the system also includes smart search, and identifying proposals that suit the client's requirements whom looking for a property, which makes it easier for the employee to complete the sales process easily, as the system proposes number of properties that are sutable with the specifications that have been searched then to be sent automatically via what'sapp or client's email

He pointed that the system includes a mechanism for reminding each employee by his tasks, and in case of violation, a discount falls on him, which is determined by the owner of the company, by way of "postponement and alerting the task", which also alerts each employee by his task before the deadline of its delivery to remind by the tasks that must be performed until it is closed and completed

He assured that all clients data cannot be accessed by the company that designed the program, as it is a private data for the client, which makes it also a competitive advantage in the market

 He said that will be a cooperation agreement soon to market LANACRM in the UAE with one of the leading companies in the real estate market there.