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DRE Investments announces its marketing plan for the second half of 2022


DRE Investments announces its marketing plan for the second half of 2022

Alaqarat Elyoum 

DRE Investments announced the most prominent features of its marketing plan during the second half of the current year, which is based on analytical studies for the real estate market and approved market research

Ihab Al-Amir, DRE Investments Marketing Director, said that the company has carried out multiple research and market studies on the trends of the real estate market since the beginning of the year, taking into consideration the market changes that the sector is witnessing as a result of global economic changes, which contributes in having a promising professional plan during the second half of the year based on market developments

Al-Amir pointed that the company relies in conducting these studies, on its expertise and competencies in marketing present within the company, in addition to constantly working to include new experiences and cadres for the company’s work team, which is one of the features of the company’s marketing plan, which it is implementing during the second half of 2022

Al-Amir added that the marketing plan includes working on content marketing, addressing clients according to their needs and requirements, highlighting the added values ​​of real estate investment in the unit they are looking for, and constantly focusing on the task of the real estate consultant in order to serve the client as a priority and help him reach the unit that suits his needs

 Al-Amir indicated that the company focuses on credibility in marketing units and providing reliable consultants to each client, as the company aims to have a continuous and constant relation with its clients not only to sell units, with supports the client's confidence in the company and attracts new ones for it, as the current client may recommend another client to deal with his company

Al-Amir pointed that the companies that obtained the franchise right from DRE will be assisted with the necessary marketing materials and advertising campaigns that aligns with the nature of the project, the company's reputation, and the specific plan to reach the targeted clients, noting that his company began granting companies the right to operate with franchise system